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If you want to get it right from the ground up, come to Richard Sneesby Architects Ltd in Edgware. We're experts in all aspects of new build architecture, so whether you want a simple 2 up, 2 down or you need something more ambitious, let us design it for you.


We can provide you with quality designs and drawings or, if you need expert support from conception to construction, we can act as project managers for you, keeping your construction on schedule and on budget.

Architectural design for new build projects

If you'd like to improve your existing property, we can help you by designing extensions and conversions that utilise the space available in the most effective fashion to add value as well as extra space.


Whatever your design needs, get in touch and let us help you create the perfect property.

Improve your property

With over 30 years of experience in new build projects, you can count on us to deliver innovative design solutions.

Get a strong foundation for your new builds and call us for expert architectural support.

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